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How Continuing Education Benefits Your Clients

Every independent insurance agent is required to take a certain number of continuing education classes every few years, depending on the laws of the state in which you live. If you’re an agent, then you already know this. In fact, you may have already taken some coursework. And you may have done so begrudgingly.

But, rather than view continuing education as being forced back into the unpleasant task of school, view it instead as an opportunity to improve your business so you can better serve your customers. After all, the success of your agency depends on your ability to provide sound advice and service.

Insurance is designed to provide financial protection to families and businesses. But since the financial state of individuals—and the world—is often in flux, it’s important to stay up-to-date with new industry trends and laws that relate to finance. For instance, educating yourself about the Affordable Care Act was essential for agents who sell health insurance, so they could understand their clients’ changing needs and offer the most suitable policies.

The ongoing process of educating yourself can help you help others time and time again. But, other than a good feeling, what does helping others do for you? Well, for starters, offering a client outdated advice may have a negative impact on their financials. Let’s say you recommend that a client skip flood coverage; then a flood rushes through and causes thousands of dollars of damage to his home. If so inclined, that client could file a lawsuit against you claiming that your poor advice was the reason for his financial loss. On the flipside, understanding the current climate of the insurance market can help you make appropriate recommendations so you can avoid these nasty situations.

In addition to protecting the integrity of your agency, satisfying your current clients can also lead to more business. Happy clients are likely to tell their friends and family how helpful and friendly your agency has been. Unhappy clients probably won’t make these referrals. And with so much competition out there, referrals are a wonderful thing.

So, make sure you stay properly educated. Being able to better serve your clients can ripple back in positive ways.

Need to sign up for classes? Call Insurance Classroom at (972) 256-8987 for more information on Texas insurance recertification.

Posted Aug 05, 2015
Tags: insurance, continuing education, online ce courses, texas

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